Cherry Picked Offers

We do not like clutter. Our focus is to maximize returns on your time spent. As Advertisers, we hand pick the best campaigns for our affiliates. Our focus is to get the high converting offers from across the world. Though, we always have more of Indian campaigns available. We work closely with our Publishers and do deliver personalized offers.

Across 25+ Verticles
Being based out of India, we have stronger hold in Indian Campaigns. But, our campaigns are not limited to India. You can find campaigns across the verticals, across the geographies in our stable. Having campaigns across the verticals helps us reach the maximum users and gain insights into the user behaviour.

High Payouts
We do our due diligence to hand pick the offers for our Publishers. This allows us to provide best in the industry payouts to the offers. Our payouts are not just higher but we also ensure our publishers are paid on time.

No Risk Advertising
As an Advertisers you can be assured of our traffic quality. Fraud and bots by our Publishers are not taken lightly by us. We optimize the delivery to maximize the budget utilization. Also, we use proven and cost-effective ways to deliver your campaigns.

Advance Reporting
We use advance ad tracking software trusted by Ad Networks across the globe. You can get all kinds of reports filtered based on Affiliates, Advertisers, campaigns, dates, etc. One can save custom reports, and load the custom reports when required. You can even track commission for Account Manager for affiliates. Logs for errors, debugs and warnings are available for Impressions, clicks and conversions. It’s possible to analyze the time from click to conversions. You can export the reports data to CSV format.

Real time tracking
As an Ad Network, when we deal with publishers, we know the need to stay updated of the performance of Ad deliveries. We use the industry trusted tools and enable our publishers with their own view of metrics (clicks, conversions, etc) in real time. This helps our publishers to give their best, in turn not only helping them make more money but Advertisers to reach the relevant audience.